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BRISK Le Mans 2001

BRISK Premium svećice pobednile na čuvenoj trci Le Mans 24 sata

08.12.2001 Engine World - magazine
Brisk spark plugs win Le Mans

More than twenty cars with special drive competed on the famous French Le Mans racing circuit. The winner was the French Idéeverte Competition racing team with a Le Mans 2000 Welter Racing type car powered by liquid propane – butane gas (LPG). Brisk Premium DOR 10 LGS spark plugs were fitted into the car’s engine produced by the Czech company from Tábor.

The 3.41 volume six-cylinder engine with four valves and an output of 300 kw/8000/min. enable the car weighing 700 kg to exceed a speed of 350 km/h. The design of the engine allows direct injection of liquid gas into the combustion chamber.

The Czech producer of Brisk spark plugs had already decided years ago to begin cooperating with the French team, which by its project is helping to promote cars powered by LPG, which is greatly widespread in France and supported by that country. Hence Brisk could test its Brisk Silver products under extreme conditions, which are also designed for as powered by alternative LPG fuel on our market. According to information obtained from Brisk a new order is being prepared in France that all state institutions will have to operate at least 20 percent of the car fleet on LPG.

source: BRISKUSA


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18. april 2013. | Le Mans

BRISK Le Mans 2001

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